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名称 Explore and Share SA
登録番号 0545.923.423
住所 Rue de la Faloise 11 – 6840 Neufchâteau – Belgium
代表者の氏名 Gauthier Poncelet
旅行業登録の有無 無し
問い合わせ連絡先 メール:info@explore-share.com(日本語可)
電話番号:+44(0)7403 541 766(日本語可)


gauthier-poncelet-explore-shareGAUTHIER PONCELET

Co-founder – gauthier@explore-share.com

Originally from Belgium, Gauthier discovered the mountains at the age of 3 in les Contamines-Montjoie (Haute Savoie, France) where he learned skiing. Since then, he had the chance to ski and trek in beautiful places in China, Japan, Nepal, Morocco, Argentina, Corsica… and the Alps of course.

When in the mountains, Gauthier particularly likes the beauty of nature, enjoying simple moments with his relatives, and the physical efforts during a long walk or ascent.

Through Explore & Share, Gauthier wishes to better promote these great activities in the mountains and the experiences you can have while going on an adventure with a mountain guide.

Within Explore & Share, Gauthier is in charge of the mountain guides community and business development. Get in touch with him if you are looking for a mountain guide and/or inspiration for a future adventure in the mountains, skiing or walking. He will be happy to help!

nicolas-vandepaer-explore-shareNICOLAS VANDEPAER

Co-founder – nicolas@explore-share.com

His passion for the mountain began skiing as a child and never stopped since then, enjoying many outdoor disciplines, particularly trekking, summit ascents, horse riding and ski touring, which inevitably lead to exploring and discovering foreign cultures.

Thanks to the splendor of nature and the rudimentary condition of expeditions, mountain activities are an excellent environment to take a step back and renew energy, specially on the way back to civilization!

Explore & Share appeared to be the perfect mix for this adventure appetite. Indeed, it started as a personal need, when it was not easy organizing expeditions in Norway, Nepal, Morocco, Panama, Argentina, etc. for not finding quality information, as well as certified mountain guides to assist him in those tours.

In E&S he is in charge of the development team, in order to permanently find new solutions to user’s needs, and business development. Feel free to contact him if you think the site could answer other issues or if you need help to prepare your next expedition!

nicolas-mercado-explore-shareNICOLÁS MERCADO

Platform Development – nicolas.mercado@explore-share.com

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he learned how to program at the National Technological University while his love for reading led him to be studying Literature at the Buenos Aires University.

On Explore & Share he is in charge of making sure that everything works properly. The development of the platform is under his responsibility. He combines his technical knowledge with his creative mind to propose innovative ideas and solutions.

tomasprofileTOMÁS ICHASO

Communications – tomas@explore-share.com

Since a young age he discovered the mountains travelling around the south and west of Argentina with his family. He later had the chance to get to know the rest of the country, South America and Europe, mixing his passion to reach remote places and learning from different cultures.

He studied Communications in Buenos Aires, and worked in audiovisual production, photography, marketing, and public and institutional communications.

ryoko-amano-explore-shareRYOKO AMANO

Business development – ryoko@explore-share.com

Ryoko was born in Japan but also spent her childhood in Hungary, the UK and the USA. She started skiing when her mother’s passion brought her to an Austrian ski resort at the age of 4 and having inherited the same passion, never stopped since then.

A new world opened up to her when she first went up the Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix at the age of 20, and saw ski mountaineers leave the station into the white wilderness of snowy mountains in their harnesses and crampons with skis attached to their packs. Since then, she’s been backcountry skiing across the world (of course including Japan), as well as extended her passion to adventures in rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and high altitude ski mountaineering.

Ryoko met Explore-Share as a client and immediately saw that she shared the same ideals as E-S and she wanted to bring this platform into her home market in Japan for the people visiting Japan, the Japanese guides and Japanese visiting abroad. Having been on few guided trips, she finds them majorly educational and the experience you share with fellow adventurers in the outdoors environment priceless.

Ryoko speaks both English and Japanese (and learning French) so reach out to her to find out more about guided trips in English or Japanese in Japan or anywhere else in the world!